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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Money Is The Route Of All Evil...

People always say, "Money is the route of all evil". But where did that expression come from? Is it really true?

The dollar bill contains many symbols, and if you understand the meaning of this symbology, it will help you to answer this question. Every symbol, from the pyramind to the number of feathers on the Eagle's tale has a meaning.

If money is the route of all evil, and we're forced to use it, is it's energy transfered to us in some way?

Friday, April 29, 2005

Free Friday's Friendly Forum

O.K., after meeting with my staff(Imara), and checking the numbers, stats, and graphs, we have decided to try out an open forum on Fridays. We here at "Where Two or More.....", have decided to open up a free forum called "Free Friday's Friendly Forum", where we will give our reader(s) a chance to express what's on your mind(s), in an effort to try and offer advice to you, the reader(s), with whatever issues and problems you might be facing.

It is our goal here at "Where Two or More....." to try and connect with the public and see just what issues are of concern to you. We also want everyone to know that no subject is off limits and no issue too taboo to confront. We understand the need for some of our readers to remain private , so we have agreed to allow anonymous comments for Friday(s) only(Two Dogs). This will provide those who wish to raise sensitive issues, to be able to remain anonymous and still be able to participate. However , if it becomes a problem, anonymous commenting will be turned off , suddenly, and without warning(Two Dogs). If all goes well, this will become a recurring fixture here at our site.

Disclaimer: The parties that comprise"Where Two or More......" are not responsible for the advice given over these internets. Individuals who seek advice from "Where Two or More....." are urged to seek professional council for problems concerning psychological , sociological, psychiatric, emotional distress or any other issues that may need professional counseling. "Where Two or More ...." and it's affiliates and subsidiaries, cannot , by law , be held legally or personally responsible for any actions resulting from advice or commentary dispensed from or around this blog. We also reserve the right to disregard any and all comments , questions and/or advice posed during said interaction. Any damages, or problems that may arise from advice dispensed from this site , cannot be used, or submitted as evidence in legal motions , suits, or any other proceedings involving a court of law. All persons affiliated with "Where Two or More...." are not licensed as professional therapists ,psychiatrists, or psychologists, nor do we claim to be acting in said capacity, Biatches!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Brutal Truth...

For Americans that are not of color, police brutality is an abberation. For people of color, especially Blacks and Latinos, such behavior is common-place. Police brutality has always been a problem in the minority community, dating back to the Civil Rights Era, but in the past few years there has been a dramatic rise in the brutalization of minorities. The declaration of the "war on drugs", and tougher sentencing laws has perpetuated the criminalization of the black race, and has contributed to the rise in such crimes.

90% of black men can expect to have some sort of negative interaction- most times including arrest- with the law.

Granted, police officers have a tough job, and not all of them are "bad", but if police brutality is the result of a "few bad apples", why aren't more of them found guilty of the brutal crimes they commit?

To learn more about police brutality, click here. To find out how you can combat this problem , you can go here and just click on the link that says "what you can do".

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sacred Institution?

I would like to open up a channel for discussion on something that has puzzled me for a while. I was recently reminded of it while reading a comment by Two Dogs on Imara's post "Low Down" , about men living a bi- sexual lifestyle. The comment made by Two Dogs had to do with his judgment of people who live together. Two Dogs stated that "living together " doesn't count as a committed relationship. To this, I asked Two Dogs why he felt this way. I also asked him other questions concerning his Catholic faith, such as , if one sleeps with another person out of wedlock , why is it considered a sin? I also asked him if living together was "in sin" , what was the "sin" part of it , the sex? I have yet to receive an answer from him. This is typical when he has no good rhetoric to spew.

I would just like to briefly go over my understanding about the institution of marriage and it's history. If one has belief in the Christian Bible, then one would know and understand the story of Adam and Eve. These two humans were supposedly the first beings to walk the Earth. According to the story, God first made Adam, then fashioned Eve from Adam's rib. They were NOT married , and if the story is to be believed, all human beings came from these two people. This would mean that these two sinners had sex out of wedlock. Also, while searching through the Bible, I came across a list of forbidden sexual relations that one is supposed to adhere to if they believe in Christianity. It lists sex with one's mother, sister , neighbor's wife, aunt, pet , sister in law, daughter in law , daughter , grand children, during menstruation, and with another man as forbidden. No where does it list sex with someone not related to you and not married, of the opposite sex as forbidden. These rules were supposedly dictated by Jesus, who stated that these were his rules , and not the word of God. I must also note that these rules were written for a man to abide by. It does not address a woman's relations because at the time the Bible was written, a woman had no rights and was considered a man's property.

It is also written in the Bible that marriage was an agreement between a man , and his wife's father . This institution was equivalent to slavery in the sense that a man who married a woman, had to trade a set number of cattle and a different assortment of farm animals in order to claim rights to his wife. This was strictly prearranged by the man and the wife's father as a transaction of property. After such a transaction, the woman was then the legal property of the man without consent or approval from the woman. This practice still goes on today in some countries around the world.

Marriage was primarily devised as a way for society to transfer property, protect bloodline, and provide a secure environment for perpetuation of the species. Throughout history, marriage has slowly evolved into what we tend to think of today as marriage. In the past , and even today, marriage was arranged by families for economic reasons, without consent from the two parties. It was in 866 when Pope Nicholas I declared that marriage must be performed with the consent of both parties in order to be valid. Even today , this is not always the case because prearranged marriages are still common in some cultures. Marriage was often performed without witnesses or ceremonies. It wasn't until 1563, when the Council of Trent declared that marriage should be performed in the presence of a priest, and at least two witnesses. There are several different types of marriages that exist . Polygamy, polygyny(my favorite), polyandry, endogamy, exogamy, common law marriage, and monogamy are all types of marriages still practiced today all around the world.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

What Hypocrites!!!!

After referencing the Republican pedophilia sex ring involving young boys from Boys Town in Nebraska, I was surprised that many were unaware of this! But, after thinking back on how the ordeal was handled and the suppression of the story, it dawned on me that most people probably haven't heard of this vile and widespread problem that has been ongoing since the 1980's.

In order to fully grasp the severity of this issue, one needs to realize that this scandal is said to have reached the head of the White House, then President George H. W. Bush. Lawrence (Larry) King Jr., no, not the famous talk show host, was a rising black star in the GOP during the early 80's. He sang at both Republican Conventions in 1984 and 1988 for the party, and was known to have strong ties with many very influential people from the Republican party, including then President George H. W. Bush. Mr. King was Director of The Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska. King was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for embezzlement of some 40 million dollars from the credit union. However, the more serious charges of child prostitution and even murder, was never sought , some say due to a coverup that stretched all the way to the White House!

It is unfathomable that a story of this magnitude did not make a greater impact, but when one reads further into the story, it's obvious that this scandal involved many prominent politicians, businessmen and yes, even the former President of the United States. Allegations include child prostitution , drug use and satanic rituals , including human sacrifice. This ordeal has links to the CIA and it's involvement with developing truth serums and mind control. It is also known that these allegations were part of larger allegations in which individuals were said to have been brainwashed and used as sex slaves and pawns in the CIA's attemps to experiment with creating a Manturian Candidate, as well as suicide bombers and assassins. There is little to no information on this very real and very serious topic on MSN, but one can find plenty of information about this topic from here.You can view the banned documentary about the scandal from here. You can also link to these articles by clicking on the title of this post, or by clicking here.

Update: Many reporters familiar with this story seem to think that the recent discovery of Jeff Gannon as an embedded reporter in the White House Press core, who is an admitted homosexual prostitute and gay porn site owner, is just a continuation of the original scandal involving King and his ring of young male prostitutes. It is suggested that Karl Rove is a homosexual, and is the reason for Mr. Gannon's unusual access to information and privilege.

Needless Update 2
: It was brought to my attention that the criticism of hypocrisy was not fully proven in the contents of this post. Thinking that we were all rational minded adults, I saw no need to spell out the obvious hypocrisy coming from the Republican party, but I will state it in this needless update. The Republican party tends to tout itself as the champions of moral values and traditional beliefs, so seeing that this issue exposes MANY REPUBLICANS as pedophiles and moral deviants , would count , in my humble opinion , as hypocrisy!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

Seeing that today marks our cherished one month anniversary here at "Where Two or More....", we here at "Where Two or More...." would like to thank the many individuals responsible for our longevity in the blog world. We understood from day one that the support of our readers was key to us being able to last this long. The list of those responsible for our survival stretches far and wide, so Imara and I would like to collectively thank all those who take the time to stop by and read our blog. We would especially like to thank those who take the time to comment .We would like to thank Two Dogs , Nzyme , Geekbird , Goldi , Musafir , Kelly , Oddybobo , Erik Grow , Patches and anyone else that we might have forgotten.

In celebration of this momentous occasion, I have provided music here, as well as food here, and drinks here. I have also decided to leave this post open as sort of a message board for all to leave messages. Our regular posts usually turns into a message board anyway, so it's business as usual!! Feel free to write whatever, and Imara and I will be sure to try and continue to bring you the best and brightest in cutting edge blogging.

Update: Oh, I almost forgot to thank Half_Cent.

Update 2: This was added at the request of Goldi, because you know you people just have to go there and mess up a classy function. So here!!

Yet another Update: Due to the ungratefulness of some Negroids at this party, I was challenged on my music selection, so I put up something just for you Goldi!!!! I am willing to take one more request, but that's it!!! And NO MORE UPDATES!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Politically Incorrect

I think it's time we took the gloves off(no pun at O.J) and got to it. I am not doing this strictly to be controversial, I am merely stating what I believe to be true. All throughout my life , I have had strong opinions on a variety of subjects ranging from politics to religion, and I am just going to put it out there , right here right now. If you disagree with some or all of these statements, then I suggest that you explain your rationale for doing so , and state your opinion on these topics.

First, I would like to go on record as saying that I think that O.J. Simpson is innocent. Some may find this statement laughable, but I do not. I think his late ex- wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were victims of Columbian drug dealers who got tired of waiting for their money from Faye Resnick. I think the "Columbian neckties" were telltale signs that the murders were all due to Nicole and Faye's expensive drug habit. Faye thought that she could check herself into rehab and hide from those seeking their money for thousands of dollars worth of drugs that she owed. Those murders were a direct message sent to Faye Resnick , telling her that she had to pay up.

Since I just commented on O.J. , I want to be an equal opportunity commenter by saying that Robert Blake was guilty. I don't want people to think that I am basing my opinion on race, because justice is color-blind. I am merely stating my opinion based on evidence that I heard about the trial. First of all, Mr. Blake had tried on more than one occasion to solicit someone to murder his wife, Bonnie Blakely, prior to her murder.Robert Blake also made statements about wanting to kill her because he felt that she had trapped him into a situation where he felt he was forced to marry her after fathering a child by Ms. Blakely.This not only provided motive , but substantial evidence to draw a reasonable conclusion of guilt. Oh yea, not to mention that she was killed during a five minute time frame while Mr. Blake went to retrieve his gun from the restaurant where he had just taken her out(no pun intended) to eat. I would say that this was too small a window of opportunity to be random!

Lastly, I want to go on record by saying that Bill Cosby was the target of Republicans out to tarnish his image and ruin his reputation because of his open dislike of the Bush Administration. Bill Cosby has been around for decades entertaining millions through wholesome films and television programming. He has made it a point throughout his career to stay away from commenting on controversial issues such as race and politics. Mr. Cosby has recently become outspoken of the Bush administration, even refusing to sit next to Condoleezza Rice during a function. I think that Mr. Cosby knew that he lived in a racist and unfair society , and steered clear of race issues during his long and successful career. Sadly , I suspect that the death of his son Ennis , has caused Mr. Cosby to become proactive and more vocal about these divisive topics. The sudden and deliberate attacks on Mr. Cosby was a direct result of his new outspoken attitude towards issues he's been silent about for far too long.

Update: This particular post only deals with conspiracy theories, but I will periodically continue this post and focus on different subject matters! Next week, I will state my argument for why I think Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster are real , and why UFO's are not only real, they are being used by our government to kidnap and rape unsuspecting people.

Update 2:It has become obvious to me, as well as other people affiliated with "Where Two or More...", that there is another conspiracy that needs to be dealt with. This conspiracy involves Two Dogs from Mean ol' Meany and his frequenting of gay bars. Mr. Two Dogs claims to have an on going relation with a "Beyonce" look alike , and claims that "she" performs at this said gay bar. Mr.Two Dogs has offered up pictures to prove the validity, and the sex of this individual, so far, no such photo has surfaced. We here at "Where Two or More....." and it's readers demand that these photos be provided as proof of Mr. Dogs' claims!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Young, Gifted, and Black...

A debate has been raging between this site and Mean Ol' Meany regarding the impact of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and reparations. During this debate a comment was made regarding the contributions of African Americans to modern day society. Below is just a small list of the many inventions by African Americans, most of which we take for granted everyday without even a thought of who invented them.

The idea of a blood bank was pioneered by Dr. Charles Richard Drew (1904-1950). Dr. Drew was an American medical doctor and surgeon who started the idea of a blood bank and a system for the long term preservation of blood plasma (he found that plasma kept longer than whole blood). His ideas revolutionized the medical profession and saved many, many lives. Dr. Drew set up and operated the blood plasma bank at the Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, NY. Drew's project was the model for the Red Cross' system of blood banks, of which he became the first director.

George Washington Carver (1865?-1943) was an American scientist, educator, humanitarian, and former slave. Carver developed hundreds of products from peanuts, sweet potatoes, pecans, and soybeans; his discoveries greatly improved the agricultural output and the health of Southern farmers. Before this, the only main crop in the South was cotton. The products that Carver invented included a rubber substitute, adhesives, foodstuffs, dyes, pigments, and many other products.

The potato chip was invented in 1853 by George Crum. Crum was a Native American/African American chef at the Moon Lake Lodge resort in Saratoga Springs, New York, USA. French fries were popular at the restaurant and one day a diner complained that the fries were too thick. Although Crum made a thinner batch, the customer was sill unsatisfied. Crum finally made fries that were too thin to eat with a fork, hoping to annoy the extremely fussy customer. The customer, surprisingly enough, was happy - and potato chips were invented!

Clatonia Joaquin Dorticus was an African-American inventor who received many patents. He invented an apparatus for applying dyes to the sides of the soles and heels of shoes, a machine for embossing contouring the paper of photographs, a device that helped develop photographs, and a leak stopper for hoses.

The street letter drop mailbox with a hinged door that closed to protect the mail was invented by Philip B. Downing. Downing, an African-American inventor, patented his new device on October 27, 1891.

Sarah E. Goode was a business woman and inventor. Goode invented the folding cabinet bed, a space-saver that folded up against the wall into a cabinet. When folded up, it could be used as a desk, complete with compartments for stationery and writing supplies. Goode owned a furniture store in Chicago, Illinois, and invented the bed for people living in small apartments. Goode's patent was the first one obtained by an African-American woman inventor

Lewis Howard Latimer (1848-1928) was an African-American inventor who was a member of Edison's research team, which was called "Edison's Pioneers." Latimer improved the newly-invented incandescent light bulb by inventing a carbon filament

Elijah McCoy (1843 or 1844-1929) was a mechanical engineer and inventor. McCoy's high-quality industrial inventions (especially his steam engine lubricator) were the basis for the expression "the real McCoy," meaning the real, authentic, or high-quality thing.

Garrett Augustus Morgan (March 4, 1877 - August 27, 1963), was an African-American inventor and businessman. He was the first person to patent a traffic signal. He also developed the gas mask (and many other inventions). Morgan used his gas mask to rescue miners who were trapped underground in a noxious mine. Soon after, Morgan was asked to produce gas masks for the US Army.

Norbert Rillieux (March 17, 1806-October 8, 1894) was an African-American inventor and engineer who invented a device that revolutionized sugar processing. Rillieux's multiple effect vacuum sugar evaporator (patented in 1864) made the processing of sugar more efficient, faster, and much safer. The resulting sugar was also superior. His apparatus was eventually adopted by sugar processing plants all around the world.

Madame C. J. Walker (December 23, 1867 - May 25, 1919) was an inventor, businesswoman and self-made millionaire. Sarah Breedlove McWilliams C. J. Walker was an African-American who developed many beauty and hair care products that were extremely popular. Madame Walker started her cosmetics business in 1905. Her first product was a scalp treatment that used petroleum and a hot comb. Sarah later invented a system for straightening hair. She added Madame to her name and began selling her new "Walker System" door-to-door. Walker soon added a hair-growing ointment and other cosmetic products to her line. The products were very successful and she soon had many saleswomen, called "Walker Agents," who sold her products door to door.

"Africa is not only the original home of humanity, it is the cradle of its intellect. It was on Africa's savannahs, riverbanks, highlands, deserts, and forests that the first men and women used the power of their minds to shape their environment in ways that suited them. Here man established himself as a tool maker and hunter and advanced social animal. Over the course of millions of years, groups of prehistoric Africans of the genus Homo reasoned, judged, understood, and created the basis for much of the technology and industry that exists in the world today." - John E. Pfeiffer.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Low Down...

When you find out that there has been infidelity in your relationship, you no doubt will be consumed with feelings of rage, betrayal, and self-doubt. In most instances, it will be enough to make you want to hunt that b*tch and beat her down, but what if you found out that the "other woman" is really a man? Yes, your man has been secretly having an affair with another man! This is a growing trend in the African American community known as the "DL", or the downlow lifestyle.

Because of the stereotypes of homosexuality in our society, men are either unwilling or unable to admit that they are involved in relationships with other men. Most of them do not consider themself to be gay or bi-sexual. This behavior is causing a grave health risk for women. HIV and AIDS infection rates are up among heterosexual women, in particular, African American women. The rate of infection among black women is 25 times the rate for white women. Over 30% of men who have had sex with another man admitted to having sex with a woman during the same time period.

In this day and age, with all of the risks involved and information available, what would cause a man to cheat, especially with another man?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Step Two

On March 23, 2005 , I began to tackle the huge and seemingly insurmountable task of trying to bring to light , the subject of slavery and it's consequences .In a post titled "Step One" , I used a method based loosely on AA's(Alcoholics Anonymous)Twelve Step program in order to slowly deal with the sobering reality of the massive scale of slavery and all of it's ramifications. In that first post, I merely brought up the issue and included a diagram of a slave ship that was used to transport "human cargo" from the Coast of Africa , to the Americas. That first step was only to introduce the reality of what was an atrocity of grave proportions. In this post, I will move to step two, in which I will include some of the facts and statistics about this unimaginable horror. Hopefully, this second step will move this subject from a state of denial, to a stage of acceptance , or a "surrender" to the stark reality of what was slavery.

Although slavery "officially" began in America in 1619 , when the first Dutch trader exchanged a cargo of slaves for food in Jamestown ,Virginia, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade had been going on since the early 1500. Portugal and Spain were the two countries responsible for dominating the early slave trade to South America and the Caribbeans. They were later joined by England , who began it's involvement in 1562 , when Sir John Hawkins became the first Englishman to transport slaves to the New World. These ventures were commonly backed by royalty such as Queen Elizabeth and Charles II. The slave trade was considered a highly profitable venture and quickly became essential for these nations to fund and supply their colonialism efforts in the New World.

In 1969 , Phillip Curtin conducted a study called "The Atlantic Slave Trade: A Census" in which he determined the number of blacks transported across the Atlantic at 8 million. There have been other , more accurate studies, in which the number of slaves that reached the Americas was calculated to be between 10 - 15 million. These numbers only dealt with the slaves that survived Middle Passage. It is also estimated that half the amount of slaves did not survive, thus increasing the number of total slaves involved at around 20-30 million .Yet, because documents were often lost or non existent, and little or no records were kept of the dead slaves that were thrown into the ocean , some have put the number even higher at around 80-100 million .

It is impossible to determine an accurate figure of just how many slaves were taken from Africa and brought to the Americas, but the numbers, be it conservative or liberal, cannot fully convey the horror and brutal treatment these human beings had to endure. If they were fortunate enough to survive the inhumane conditions of Middle Passage , unspeakable horrors and torture awaited them when they arrived in the Americas .

I hope that everyone who reads this post will just stop and take one minute to think about what it must have been like to be a slave in those times. The fear and terror that they must have felt, the pain and torture that they must have endured. The humiliation and helplessness they surely felt as a result of being captured and treated like animals. I ask that you simply "surrender" one minute of your time in order to reflect on what it must have meant to be a slave during this era. You can read more about slavery and the Middle Passage from here. (Thank you Nzyme).

Monday, April 11, 2005

What a Doll!

As some of you might already know, I have embarked on a spiritual , self induced "strike" against having sexual intercourse with women. My reasoning for this was simply to drive home the point that men are just as important and desired by women as women are to men. During my "strike", I have been heckled and ridiculed, badgered and scorned , all in an effort to break down my willpower and my determination!I have refused "numerous" advances and I have thwarted several attempts to lure me into a trap in order to break my will!I knew going into this that it was going to be a difficult and demanding challenge.

Today, I am proud to say that I have successfully proven my point . I have met, and began dating a woman who agrees with my rational .From the start, she agreed whole heartedly with my views and was willing to concede that I was correct in my assertions. I can truly say that this woman has filled a void that has been far too present in my life. I must admit, she has changed my views of women , and taught me that females are kind and loving creatures , that are necessary for the wholeness of a man. I am declaring my love and devotion to this woman. I must say that this woman was the only one that was able to convince me to cross the "picket line" , and get back to the business of love!! I stand here before you today, a changed man and all the better thanks to her. I love you baby doll!!!

I have provided a link of her lovely photo here for all of you to bear witness to my true love!!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Doesn't Anyone Care...

In what little coverage the media has given to the crisis in Darfur, they have often represented the conflict as a case of murderous, government-backed Arab militias called Janjaweed against a virtually helpless indigenous African population. This oversimplified analysis has failed to put the conflict in its proper perspective. In fact, Darfur's Arabs are black, indigenous, African and Muslim, just like Darfur's non-Arabs, who come from Fur, Masalit, Zaghawa, and a dozen smaller tribes.

The conflict began in 2003, when two new rebel groups, The Sudan Liberation Army and The Justice and Equality Movement, took up arms against government military installations. The two groups represent various ethnicities, all of which speak Nilotic (originating in the Nile region) languages and come from sedentary farming communities. The sedentary Nilotics of Darfur were intermittently subjected to attacks by the Janjaweed- nomads of various local tribes who speak the Darfuri Arabic dialect. Conflicts in Darfur between these groups were commonplace for centuries, but traditionally solutions were reached by negotiations. In fact, nomads and farmers in Darfur have a long history of interdependence and intermarriage. However, during the 1980s and 1990s, conflicts caused by resource competition escalated. The current conflict in Western Sudan is an economic one, over land between two groups facing water scarcity in a changing ecosystem. Due to the grim realities on the ground, the Sudan Liberation Army and the Justice and Equality Movement has demanded that the Sudanese government stop arming the nomadic groups in Darfur and address long-standing grievances over underdevelopment in the region.

Various observers maintain that since Darfuri militants launched their rebellion, the Sudanese government has embarked upon a "scorched-earth campaign" in which it has deployed bombers, helicopter gunships, paramilitaries, regular armed forces, and local nomadic tribal militias known as the Janjaweed. Some analysts argue that the campaign has produced the greatest single exodus of refugees in the world. In 2003, 1.2 million people internally have been displaced and more than 200,000 in neighboring Chad. In July of 2004, experts warned that without rapid humanitarian intervention, what UN officials called, "The worst humanitarian crisis in the world today", could claim 350,000 more lives in the next nine months. Since this time, there have been many conflicting reports on the actual number of people, including women and children, who have died from curable diseases, starvation, and murder.

Since the US has expressed an "interest" in spreading Democracy and stopping crimes against humanity, one would think that the US would rush in to help. However, for decades, civil wars have taken the lives of many millions in Africa, yet the US has only expressed outrage occasionally! Aside from its most recent military intervention that forced the Liberian President, Charles Taylor, into exile in Nigeria, the US has been satisfied with making occasional statements on crisis' in Africa. The US and the rest of the International Community remained silent as the Christian Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda killed tens of thousands of people, often mutilating their bodies, displaced more than 1.6 million people, kidnapped thousands of children, and forced many to become soldiers or sex slaves. The US-controlled global financial institutions, such as the IMF and the World Bank, have contributed to obstructing the development of Sudan, Chad, and other countries in the region. The Guardian's analyst, George Monbiot, contends that the "cannibalistic IMF [is] responsible for more deaths every year in Africa than the Janjaweed."

"African oil is of national strategic interest to us, and it will increase and become more important as we go forward." said, Walter Kansteiner, US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa. So, the US' interest in Sudan suggests that strategic and not humanitarian reasons are the main motivating factors for action, if any are taken.

Recently, the International Criminal Court has been handed documents outlining allegations of war crimes committed in the Darfur region of Sudan. A United Nations inquiry identified a number of government and army officials, militia and rebel leaders. The UN Security Council ordered that the 51 named suspects should appear before the court in The Hague. It is the first time a case has been referred to the court in The Hague by the Security Council.

When will American's start to care about what is happening in Africa, and put pressure on our government to take action to stop "the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today"?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Why is That?

I've been thinking about things lately and it started to dawn on me that men are being played!Check this out, men are always viewed as pigs and dogs because of their need for sex, right? But women want and need sex just as bad , if not more than men!So why are men being played as the dogs and the animals when the women want it more?Then, the act is looked upon as giving and taking. Yea, the women give something , and the men that are fortunate enough to be offered , take something.When in reality , the men give something and it is the women that take something. Women must be real good at the Jedi Mind Trick, because they need sex more than men, yet , they have men thinking that they can do without and they are giving men something!Why can't sex be looked on for what it really is, a sharing of man and woman , a coming together(no pun intended)of male and female? I think men of the world should unite and go on strike and then we will really see who is more wanting and more animalistic!Then , and only then can men show that sex is an equal opportunity employer and both men and women need it equally .Only then can sex be changed from a commodity that can be bargained and traded , sold and bought , into something truly beautiful and shared , as it was intended to be!!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Life After Death?

While having an online discussion with someone, the topic of life after death came up. I found it quite interesting that this individual held the belief that there was life after death. This individual also stated that believing that there was life after death gave their existence a sense of purpose. I asked if there was no life after death , would they still find meaning in their life. The answer that I got was that they would question the reason for their existence and would not feel that they had a sense of purpose in this life. This answer caused me to think more in depth about just how important the belief of an afterlife is to many people.

In most religions , there is a concept of an afterlife or some other state of being . Some religions even promote the thought of having another go at this form of living, but as another person or living thing. I began to wonder if the "purpose" that this individual conveyed in our discussion , was the source for some religions promise of an afterlife. Meaning , that if people thought that this was it, they were more likely to sin or break the law thinking that they had no real reason to do good deeds. I pose this hypothetical question to you, if there is no life after death , would this life lose meaning ?Be honest or else you might go to hell in your afterlife............if there's an afterlife.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Late Breaking News

Pope John Paul II

I am very sorry to report that Pope John II has just passed away. May God rest his soul. News of his unfortunate passing can be found here .

Friday, April 01, 2005

I wish, I wish...

To date, all of our posts have pertained to heavy topics, and have sparked much debate. In light of that, I would like to lighten things up a bit with an old childhood game called, "I wish, I wish...". It's very simple... all you have to do is think of three wishes that you would want granted to you. Unfortunately, your wishes may not be granted here, but hey... you can play along anyway! There are three rules- you can't ask for "more wishes", or for "all the money in the world", and you have to list your wishes in order of importance. Be careful of what you wish for...