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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What will it take...

It has been a long time, if ever, that I can remember having such a feeling of hopelessness for mankind. As I look around the country and around the world, I wonder what it will take for PEOPLE to demand a change.

Is it acceptable that PEOPLE in this country are too poor to flee an impending disaster and thus must risk their lives?

Is it acceptable that hundreds of PEOPLE are killed in a stampede sparked by fears of terrorists and gunshots?

Is it acceptable that PEOPLE are forced to make a decision between food, medication, or gas to heat their homes as winter looms?

Is it acceptable that our President spends weeks on vacation while all this, and more, is going on?

What will it take for PEOPLE to demand a change.


Blogger Two Dogs said...

Imara, there are plenty of reasons that people choose NOT to leave their homes when a hurricane is bearing down on them, money is one of those, but the vast majority stay because it is almost impossible to return once you are out of the area. I have friends that just called that finally had to leave or kill looters. They sacrificed their stuff to keep from killing thieves.

People are terrified of Islamic terrorists because they know that those terrorists will kill them just for fun and prepubescent virgins.

And finally, no one has to make those choices of food, medicine, or heat. Benevolent societies are set up at churches that supply those in need. Hospitals and doctors supply medicine to those in need. Government has proven time and again they know nothing that will solve the problem.

And your scapegoat for these occurances returned to the White House today. But, where are the folks from the United Nations calling for money? Oh, that's right, the hurricane happened in the United States.

Where's YOUR Kool-Aid?

Wed Aug 31, 10:14:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Patches said...

One thing I wonder is how many looters have to be arrested to make it worth for each person that was not rescued, ten, hundred, and thousands? Of all the destruction from the hurricane, who cares about looting right now? The New Orleans police can’t do both so looting is more important then saving lives!!!

Choosing to stay for whatever reason when a hurricane is bearing down and having to stay, is not the same thing.

Ya everyone screams for the federal government for help (money) from the poorest of the poor to multi-national corporations, but who gets it? Well the recently passed energy bill gave some billions of dollars to the multi-national oil companies. (Tax breaks and other subsidies) and then cut billions from Medicaid, to make things even I guess.

The only ones I know that think health care in the U.S. is the best are those with a good company paid health
plan or have enough money that health care isn’t a problem.
Someone paying $25 dollars a pill for heart medicine is probably not real happy to know that drug companies are using $5 of that to developing hardon pills and $10 of it to advertise the hardon pill.

I also notice that the better off one is the easier they make it seem to be poor and how easy it is to escape poverty. I’m not saying poor people can’t get help, but I doubt that it’s easy.

Thu Sep 01, 06:52:00 AM 2005  
Blogger Two Dogs said...

They are not arresting looters, they are pretty much staying out of that, Patches. The ones that are getting arrested are the ones attempting to break into hospitals to steal drugs. Medical personnel cannot leave the hospitals for fear of getting mugged, after the first twenty times it happened.

Medicaid and Medicare are two Federal programs that should be phased out. Even the people that wrote the Constitution knew that once people figured out that they could vote themselves money from other citizens, there would be widespread corruption. It is very evident in just about every policy that the Left deems necessary.

And yes, the medical care in the United States IS the best in world. There is absolutely no disputing that FACT. If it wasn't true, why would the rich people from over the entire globe come here when they could afford to go anywhere? Buy a clue on that one.

Just so y'all will understand from where I came, I left home at 16 years of age and have been fending for myself ever since. Wealth is something that you earn by your own actions, it is not something that comes from the Fed. Was I poor? You damn skippy. Did I eat rice and pintos? For at least three years, that how long it took me to dig a way out. It was extremely easy for someone that doesn't sit around, cry, and wait for a handout.

Where on Earth do y'all get your news? Even Good Morning America is covering the looting and the attempts to burgularize the hospitals. The poor folks that were stranded in New Orleans are all milling around on the Interstates, the criminals are the only ones left downtown. Oh, and the terrified hospital staff and patients.

Thu Sep 01, 10:04:00 AM 2005  
Blogger Patches said...

> Just so y'all will understand from where I came, I left home at 16 years of age and have been fending for myself ever since. Wealth is something that you earn by your own actions; it is not something that comes from the Fed. Was I poor? You damn skippy. Did I eat rice and pintos?
Two Dogs; You wrote my life story, damn you!

They are not arresting looters; they are pretty much staying out of that,

I was writing of looters only and I’m not up to speed on the shooting stuff. As for news, the hurricane disaster is rapidity cascading up here to Cincinnati. (work) so I’m behind the latest news, but it looks like there is more then criminals left in town.

And yes, the medical care in the United States IS the best in world. There is absolutely no disputing that FACT.
I’ll dispute this fact sometime later. But no matter, if one has no access, what good is it?

Thu Sep 01, 03:04:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Imara said...

Two Dogs, I wish I lived in the same "world" you do. Gee, it sounds all warm and fuzzy. Sure, some people choose to stay behind for personal reasons but, like Patches pointed out, there is a difference between "choosing" and "having no choice". The poor seem to have no choice.

Do you really believe that there aren't folks out there that have to choose between heat and medication? C'mon, Two Dogs, you can't be serious!! Yes there are charitable organizations that can help out, but they can't help EVERYONE.

As for the "Scapegoat", I certainly won't say that he shoulders all of the blame, but damn, he's the friggin' President for goodness sakes. He's. The. LEADER. It's his sole responsibility to serve and protect the people of this great nation- rich and poor. He was warned that this would happen a couple of years ago and what does he do? He cuts the funding to fix the flooding issue by some 60 million + dollars. Duh. So, yeah, he is partly responsible.

The Looters? Why are white folks "doing what they need to to survive" and black folks "looting" every store in sight? I have seen several reports that slant this way. I have talked to several folks (black and white) that have noticed it as well. I'm not excussing the behavior but what do you really expect when you have hot, angry, hungry, frustrated people? Something has to give. And again Patches is correct. They have pulled police away from search and rescue to arrest Looters. That Walmart merchandise is far more valuable than some persons life. After all, Walmart is a player in the game and the dead person is probably not.

Thu Sep 01, 03:57:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Two Dogs said...

Two things about looters: 1. Yahoo news was the media outlet that said "found" for the white folks and "looted" for the black kid. Those are YOUR people. The LEFT-WING media. 2. Police finally had to step up the patrols against looters and criminals when they started firing guns at rescue helicopters. If something seems wrong with what you are thinking, check your premises.

Also, the President is not a police officer or a rescue worker. His responsibility is "to preserve and protect the Constitution". And the rest of his responsibilities are spelled out there as well.

I posted on my blog that crap about cutting funding as well, that is the NEW mantra from the Left TODAY. The Army Corps has been saying the same thing since 1995 and funding "cuts" have never happened. It took me all of forty-five seconds to debunk that one.

Try facts instead of hysterical Bush-bashing. The knowledge is there for people who search for it. You might not want to get your information from Julian Bond either.

Thu Sep 01, 04:29:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Patches said...

No Two Dogs, liberal media would have captioned both photos as "found" and of course the LEFT WING media would have captioned the "whites" as looters and the "blacks" as found. The captions on these photos may be showing something a little deeper then looting?

Thu Sep 01, 08:06:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Two Dogs said...

Patch, it was Yahoo. And yes, they are Left-Wing media. That is hard to dispute.

Fri Sep 02, 02:04:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Patches said...

two dogs the msm is as liberal and left-wing as their neo-conservative CEO’s and board of directors let them be. This is something you know, so stop beating that liberal news media mule , I don’t buy it.

Sun Sep 04, 10:47:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Two Dogs said...

Google News, Yahoo, New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, the list goes on and on. Run by neo-cons? Please.

Mon Sep 05, 12:04:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Imara said...

YES! They are run by Neo-Cons. NBC is one of the biggest benefactors of the war on terror. The Times printed every article to the run up of the WMD debacle. Believe you me, media outlets are owned by rich white men that tend to vote REPUBLICAN. Go figure.

Actually it was two different media outlets that reported that- one said "looting" one said "found". I believe it was AP and another outlet. I'm going to check.

Again, Patches is right on!! Liberal does not equate to "LEFTIST". Stop using those inflammatory terms. You say you're not a Neo-Con hack, yet you seem to throw their terms around like you're on the payroll. What up with that, man?

Tue Sep 06, 01:23:00 PM 2005  
Blogger musafir said...

TwoDogs made it up the ladder and became a champion of the current system. Free market, survival of the fittest and all that jazz. Good for him. However, it is naive to believe that anyone willing to work hard can make it. I personally know of people who are desperately seeking work. Discrimination exists. While one cannot blame the Bush administration for all the ills of our society, it certainly pays lip service to the needs of ordinary people, and has exacerbated problems that existed. Why are handouts to corporations, in the form of tax cuts and loopholes, OK but aid for health care, education, transportation raises the hackles of conservatives? Why does the government take a position against abortion and yet, at the same time, prohibits sex education that teaches use of condoms?

Why there is no outcry from the conservatives about the deception (the
WMD that never existed) to take us to
war? Strange silence about the billions of dollars and human lives
being wasted. Sickening.

Wed Sep 07, 04:00:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Imara said...

Musifar, I too know folks that are desperately looking for work- some have been unemployed for over a year! These are people who are college educated and were making six figure salaries just four or five years ago. I also know many people that have "made it" in this country and are still continuing to do well under this administration, however, they understand exactly what you've pointed out. Not everyone will achieve the same level of succes.

Thu Sep 08, 12:18:00 PM 2005  
Blogger half_cent said...

I agree, sorta; all humans share a joint ownership in this planet and the things that go on here, and while I agree that these senseless tragedies need to stop it really isn't the fault or the responsibility of one person no matter how much you dislike them. Everyone points a finger at Bush but the Mayor and the Governor were the first and second line of defense and they both ran out and left their people to drown.
The blowhards that are now vying for media attention that were nowhere to be found during the disaster, who are now trying to make this about race and poverty are not only making things worse but they’re totally wrong. The SYSTEM failed and the system doesn’t know or care about economics or demographics.
Instead of learning and fixing problems, most humans go to great lengths to place blame and shake their self-righteous fingers at others. Until we stop wasting effort on that we won’t fix anything.

Wed Sep 14, 06:05:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Imara said...

Half_Cent, I see your point! I agree that the Mayor and Governor shoulder a lot of the blame... after all, it's their backyard. However, why is it that Bush always seems to be on vacation when things are going wrong? Makes one wonder who's running the show.

Thu Sep 15, 04:27:00 PM 2005  

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